What’s A Mortgage Chatbot 🤖

What’s A Mortgage is the brand of Orange County home loan expert Minh Nguyen. The goal is to educate, empower and connect people with the right mortgage that fits their needs.

With more than 3 million Facebook views to their mortgage page, What’s A Mortgage informs people on the biggest misconceptions people have about homeownership, it’s not about the house! It’s about the mortgage.

Facebook Messenger Bot 💬

Designed and launched the What’s A Mortgage Chatbot in January 2020. The chatbot allows users the opportunity to inquire about purchasing or refinancing a home. By asking 8 questions the chatbot was able to gather enough information to determine which programs users were eligible for, as well as contact details, and preferred contact method.

What's A Mortgage Messenger Login

Audience Segmentation 🙋‍♀️

Through audience segmentation What’s A Mortgage was able to create deeper rapport with people, and send curated content to each specific audience. All the data was captured and linked to ActiveCampain CRM where a user and deal were automatically created.

Through the chatbot interaction What’s A Mortgage was able to capture over 55 different user segment categories including email, phone, Facebook ID, purchase timeline, credit rating, and more.

Want to target purchase inquiries placed by military veteran females with a credit score between 720-759… BOOM DONE!

Reengaging Users 👀

A reengagement rule was created to retarget users who didn’t complete their chatbot sequence, and their last interaction exceeded five minutes. The reengage message had an open rate of 100% and an 88% reply rate.